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As the county seat of DeKalb County, Auburn is governed by an elected mayor, a seven-member common council and several boards and commissions.

Mayor – Mike Ley
260.925.5430 ext 1001 Phone
260.920.3340 Fax

Clerk-Treasurer – Patricia M. Miller
260.925.6450 ext 1101 Phone
260.920.3341 Fax

City Attorney – Erik Weber
260.925.2300 or 260.925.7679 phone
260.925.2610 fax

City Hall

Physical address:
210 E Ninth St, Auburn, IN 46706
Mailing address:
P.O. Box 506, Auburn, IN 46706

Elected Officials
Elected Officials

Auburn’s city officials include the Mayor, Clerk Treasurer and members of the Common Council.

Boards & Commissions
Boards & Commissions

The Mayor appoints individuals to several city boards and commissions to provide strategic direction on Auburn’s long-term vitality as a progressive community.

Public Meetings
Public Meetings

Boards and commissions hold scheduled public meetings about the work they are doing on behalf of the City of Auburn and our residents.

Code of Ordinances
Code of Ordinances

City ordinances generally address issues relating to public health and safety. As part of the city’s municipal code, ordinances are enacted by the Common Council and enforced by local police and the city attorney.

Action Center

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