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The work of the Engineering Department directly impacts the residents and businesses of Auburn.

They play a significant part in infrastructure projects—especially those involving water and sewer lines, local roads, trails and ADA compliance—during the design, bidding and construction staking/inspection phases. With deep expertise in civil engineering, land surveying and the construction utilities industry, the Engineering Department works closely with all other city departments as well as the state and federal governments.

Engineering Department

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ADA Transition Plan

The Engineering Department assists with the American Disabilities Act (ADA) Transition Plan.

  • Inventory of all city sidewalks and ramps for non-compliance
  • Multi-year plan for reconstructing non-compliant ramps

Growth Through Thoughtful Planning

The Engineering Department helps facilitate growth and development in Auburn by implementing the master plans for water, sewer, transportation and planning. The department also tracks the GPS coordinates of all existing and new streets, sidewalks and parts of the city’s sewer and water infrastructure. This information is also inputted into the County-City Geographic Information System (CoCiGIS), a multi-agency effort to use a GIS in local DeKalb communities.



Information at Your Fingertips

Americans with Disabilities Act Transition Plan
ADA Grievance Form
ADA Region Inventory Maps & Inventory Database for Public Right of Way Facilities
Buildings & Facilities Assessments
Street Projects

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