AES: Continuing to Give Subscribers More of What They Want


By Chris Schweitzer, General Manager, AES

AES is adding even more features to AES WiFi, giving you more control over how you manage and protect your home network. Two new services—enhanced parental controls and network security—are now available for a minimal monthly fee. Best of all, both put more security and control right in the palm of your hand via the AES WiFi app.

Enhanced Parental Controls

Our new parental controls service gives subscribers control of their household’s online experience​. With this feature—available for only $4.95 per month—you can manage the content, applications and websites that can be accessed for all devices connected to your home network. ​Even more, this easy-to-use tool allows you to enforce the rules you’ve established for your home.

Parental controls provides a complete set of features and applications that give parents greater visibility, control and protection when children are online.

  • My Priorities: Prioritize applications and devices within your subscriber’s home network
  • Family Profile: Manage the content and hours of use for each connected device in the home
  • Filters: Remove or block specific content, applications and websites
  • Time Limits: Set time and day limits for online access
  • Usage: Monitor amount of time on devices

Advanced Network Security

Home networks are increasingly becoming a target of cyberattacks, as well as random probing for vulnerabilities and unprotected devices. ​The new network security service for AES WiFi provides network level protection—not to mention, peace of mind​. And like the parental controls, it’s just $4.95 per month and managed conveniently from the palm of your hand with the AES WiFi app.

Specifically, this extra layer of protection to your home network:

  • Safeguards against viruses, malware and malicious websites
  • Proactively monitors network traffic coming into your home
  • Blocks anything that looks suspicious
  • Prevents malicious activity from executing on connected devices

With a real-time dashboard that documents activity and sends real-time notifications when content is blocked, you’ll always know your network is protected. This value-added service is multi-layered, using malicious website protection, anti-virus and anti-ransomware packet inspection, and intrusion detection.

If you want to add either of these features, contact AES at:

  • Phone: 260.333.0100
  • Live Chat: > red “Live Chat” link
  • Email:
  • In Person: 7:30 a.m. – 4 p.m. in our offices on the third floor of City Hall

Updated User Interface

One last note: AES WiFi app users will notice an update in May. The look of our user interface is changing with the times, just like the value-added services we continue to add to create more convenience and control. If you aren’t prompted to update the app by the end of May, you’ll want to check the app store for the new version. Like other app updates, this doesn’t change your access. It simply updates the look and improves the user experience.

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