Republic Services Announces Spring Clean-up Schedule

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Republic Services, which manages refuse and recycling services for the City, has announced its annual Spring Clean-up dates. This FREE service allows Auburn residents to “clean house” and discard items that are not picked up during normal refuse and recycling collections each week.

The 2021 Spring Clean-up will take place in April and May. Republic is spreading it out over two months because it is no longer possible for the crew to accomplish all pick-ups in one month as the City has grown. Republic does this as an extra benefit for Auburn residents, and we are very grateful for this service.

The dates are:

  • Zone 1 – SW: April 12-16
  • Zone 2 – NW: April 19-23
  • Zone 3 – NE: May 10-14
  • Zone 4 – SE: May 17-21


When to Put Out Your Items

Items must be at the curb for pick-up on the Sunday prior to your respective Spring Clean-up date. Please do NOT put out your items too far in advance. Piles left out for days upset neighbors and often result in complaints to the City. We ask that everyone be respectful of neighbors and property and only put items out right before your pick-up date.

 Spring Clean-up Dos and Don’ts

The process of picking up items during Spring Clean-up is very labor-intensive. Please follow the guidelines below to make the job easier on the Republic crew providing this extra, FREE service for Auburn residents. IF YOU DO NOT FOLLOW THESE GUIDELINES, YOUR ITEMS MAY NOT BE PICKED UP.

  • Small bulk items: Bag to prevent wind-blown debris that would create an unsightly neighborhood.
  • Broken mirrors or glass: Wrap in cardboard, taped shut and labeled “GLASS.”
  • Mattress/box springs: Fully wrap or put in a bag.
  • Construction debris: Bundle small amounts securely, no more than 4-foot lengths and no more than 40 pounds. NAILS AND SCREWS SHOULD NOT BE VISIBLE.
  • Carpet and padding: Roll and tie in no more than 4-foot lengths and no more than 40 pounds.
  • Latex paint cans: Empty, remove lid and add an absorbent (such as kitty litter) to dry out any remaining liquid paint residue.

 Other acceptable large bulk items:

  • Furniture
  • Non-Freon appliances: Washers, dryers and stoves

Items NOT accepted

Republic will NOT pick up any of the following items:

  • Grass clippings, limbs or leaves
  • Dirt, construction materials, rock, brick or concrete
  • Tires
  • Electronics (televisions, copy machines, phones, computers, computer monitors or electronic games)
  • Large metal pieces
  • Hazardous, chemical, medical or infectious waste
  • Oil-based paints or flammable items
  • Pesticides or bug sprays
  • Automotive fluids or parts
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