15 Years and Still Making Waves


By Chris Schweitzer, Auburn Essential Services

When AES was created 15 years ago, we responded to the needs of one business in Auburn. Today, we are privileged to serve hundreds of business and thousands of residents in the greater Auburn and Garrett area. Even though a lot has changed in 15 years, our loyal AES subscriber base—and our focus on quality and responsive customer service—has remained constant. (Just check out our new, updated website to see how we strive to provide you with the best experience!)

From our beginning in 2005, AES has been “Your Community Network.” That’s not a slogan or tagline—it’s our driving motivation. We understand that our subscribers are local neighbors, community members, friends and family. That compels us to provide services in a way that makes you want to be part of the AES network because there’s something different about how we operate compared to our competitors.

Our subscribers have supported us as we’ve tried new things and reimagined the way services should be delivered. Because of you, we’ve been able to accomplish a lot in the past 15 years.

In recognition of our 15th anniversary, here are the 15 milestones of which we are most proud:

  1. Growing from one customer in early 2005 to thousands in 2020, achieving sustained growth year after year.
  1. Expanding our service area footprint through success-based investment in several fiber construction projects.
  1. Continually diversifying and expanding our service offerings through listening and responding to customer needs and requests.
  1. Launching Your Community Network (YCN) TV (which originated with DeKalb TV) to showcase local sporting, school and community events and develop a strategic partnership with DeKalb High School.
  1. Continually investing in our core and distribution network technology to ensure adequate capacity, reliability and performance.
  1. Becoming a founding member of Next Century Cities, helping us stay at the forefront of next-generation broadband fiber networks.
  1. Forging a strategic partnership with the City of Garrett in 2015, beginning with providing service to many of Garrett’s industrial and commercial businesses.
  1. Investing in and growing the quality and quantity of our staff—the essence of the AES brand.
  1. Expanding our partnership with Garrett with the launch of a fiber to the home (FTTH) pilot project.
  1. Rolling out managed WiFi to provide the best in-home wireless experience possible—all with service and support just a chat or phone call away.
  1. Upgrading our TV service to an app-based TV platform, providing a modern technology suite that works with how we watch TV today on a myriad of devices.
  1. Continuing to offer businesses the most advanced technology services, including varying levels of business grade internet, point-to-point (private) data, local loop for WAN connectivity, traditional business voice and advanced IP voice, and data center co-location services.
  1. Supporting economic development in the area with a portfolio of services for businesses that allows us to plug in today where they need us most—whether as a complete end-to-end solution, or as part of a regional, national or global solution where we are one contributor.
  1. Supporting dozens of local teams, organizations and events through continual sponsorships.
  1. Remaining focused on our subscribers with our three essential promises:
    • Quality, reliable, high performing service
    • Responsive customer care and support
    • A no-gimmicks, everyday fair price approach

This list of accomplishments has been possible because our subscribers have trusted us to have their best interest as our primary focus—we thank you! Happy 15th anniversary! This milestone is as much yours as ours to celebrate.

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