AFD Conducts Annual Job Performance Evaluations

 In Auburn Fire Department

By Bethany Hernandez with Firefighter Jay Squadrito, Chief Michael VanZile and Training Division Chief Joe Molargik

Ever wonder how the Auburn Fire Department (AFD) knows that our firefighters are service-ready? Each year, the AFD gives its firefighters a grueling physical evaluation. The test evaluates every combat firefighter from Chief VanZile to the volunteer firefighters. Participants’ vitals are monitored before and after the test to assure their safety. Firefighters complete eight untimed physical tasks in full bunker gear with one minute in between each taks to rest and travel to the next task. The tasks include:

  1. Aerial Climb: Climb 75 feet up an aerial apparatus at a 60° incline and return to the base
  2. Ladder Carry and Placement: Lift a ladder, carry it about 20 feet and place at a specified second story window
  3. Victim Rescue: Carry a 175-pound training simulation victim 100 feet
  4. Forcible Entry Simulation: Use a sledgehammer to force a 60-pound weight six feet, simulating the force needed to enter a locked/malfunctioning door of a building
  5. Stair Climb/Hose Carry: Carry hoses up the stairs
  6. Hose Hoist: Use a rope to hoist hoses to the top of a four-story building
  7. Hose Advance/Pull: Carry 50 foot of 2½ inch hose 50 feet
  8. Ceiling Push/Pull: Use a six-foot pole to push a 25-pound weight up and down to simulate ceiling access

This may seem like a lot—and it is. Nevertheless, this evaluation process assures the AFD that its members are fire-ready.  Along with daily and weekly workouts, monthly fire attack strategies trainings, weekly shift training on specific skills, and medical training both in and out of the classroom help ensure our AFD firefighters are always ready, both physically and mentally, when the call rings out.

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