Next Steps with Auburn 2040: The Road Ahead

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By Amy M. Schweitzer, Administrator, Building Planning and Development

The City of Auburn, through its Plan Commission and Department of Building, Planning and Development (BPD), formally launched Auburn 2040: The Road Ahead in late February 2020. This is the City’s effort to develop a new comprehensive plan for the community.

Since that launch, the Auburn Comprehensive Plan project has experienced some unexpected obstacles resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. Although in-person meetings and public engagement have been postponed, the planning team has continued laying the groundwork for the Auburn 2040 Plan. We’ve developed an assessment of the existing conditions, demographics and livability factors, and then compared those results to regional and national trends. Additionally, our Steering Committee completed an initial workbook assessment and recently held its first meeting to discuss the community’s strengths, weaknesses and opportunities.

Online Opportunities for Input
The planning team has also worked to develop more robust online opportunities for input in light of the limitations on in-person meetings. In the near future, the community will be encouraged to visit several opportunities to participate and provide input:

  • Community Survey: Basic question and answer survey
  • Visual Preference: Three different visual preference surveys that show pictures of the built environment; surveys include Districts and Land Uses; Housing; and Commercial Corridors
  • Mapping:Interactive map that allows users to identify physical locations they want to see RETAINED as well as the physical locations they want to see REIMAGINED

All of these online options allow you to start and come back to finish if you can’t finish in one sitting. These online input opportunities will be accessible in July and remain available through the summer.

In-person Input
The planning team will integrate in-person public input late summer and in the fall, if it can be implemented in a manner that ensures the health and safety of everyone involved. The planning team, comprised of BPD staff and ms consultants, encourages the public to stay informed about Auburn 2040: The Road Ahead by visiting and following updates. We’ll also post on the City’s social media pages, the City mobile app, and in the local newspaper in advance of participation opportunities or other important activities related to the development of Auburn 2040: The Road Ahead.

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