Sidewalk Survey Gauges Community Interest

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By Mayor Mike Ley

During my campaign, I felt it was important to walk the city and meet and hear from as many people as possible. I walked a lot of miles and saw a lot of sidewalk. It quickly became evident that there are areas of town lacking sidewalks, and others where the sidewalks are in much need of repair. This was reinforced at every community focus group we held during the campaign. Enhancing our community’s sidewalks was a common concern.

When you think about it, sidewalks really are what connects our city. They are often the first path to connecting with our neighbors, serving to enhance our sense of community.

Creating a More Walkable City

As we invest in our sidewalks, more walkable neighborhoods will emerge that will not only connect our community, but also improve physical health, enhance the environment and increase property values. These benefits are what fuel my vision to make Auburn the most walkable city in Northeast Indiana.

That’s where you come in.

Gauging Interest via Sidewalk Survey

The Street Department is collecting data via an online sidewalk survey. At this point, we’re simply gauging interest about repairing or adding residential sidewalks to individual property owners. We want to hear if you’re interested and willing to partner with us on the investment.

If there’s enough interest, then we’ll work with City Council on next steps.

Please take a few minutes to share your interest level. You can access the survey at We’re collecting feedback through June 15.

We are interested in the community’s level of interest for this year and into 2021.

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