Weekly COVID-19 Response Update from Mayor Ley (Week of May 4)

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What a beautiful weekend we all got to enjoy—it was the perfect start for preparing to reopen and, ultimately, get our city back on track. On May 1, Governor Holcomb laid out a very well-thought-out, reasonable plan for Indiana. It allows cities across the state to slowly resume activities and reignite business, while also remaining focused on minimizing the spread of COVID-19. It’s an enormous task with a multitude of situations to consider and measure. The Governor outlined a logical framework, giving us a guide as we adjust to our new normal.

In our own community, I hope you’ll continue to support local stores, restaurants and other businesses as they seek to reopen and rebound during this time. With the state’s measured approach to reopening, most will continue with delivery and curbside service, too, until they can open their doors at full capacity again.

Flushing Water Systems
As businesses prepare to welcome employees and customers back inside their buildings in the coming weeks and months, the Auburn Water Department is reminding business customers about the importance of a water flushing program. When buildings have been completely or partially shut down, the water in your mains and internal plumbing lines can become stagnant. This, in turn, can lead to reduced levels of disinfection residuals, as well as corrosion issues. The Indiana Department of Environmental Management has published instructions for flushing water systems to guide you through this process.

Plan to Reopen City Parks and Programming
Last night, the Parks and Recreation Board approved a reopening plan for our city parks as well as the Parks Department’s programming and activities. The reopening plan, developed by Parks Superintendent Eric Ditmars, provides guidelines for each stage of the Governor’s five-stage plan. For Stage 2, which began this week, the plan specifies the following:

  • The Park Office is open to public, though you’re encouraged to continue corresponding via phone and email if possible.
  • If you enter the Parks Office, there will be a Plexiglass patron window, a public hand sanitizer station, instructional floor stickers to ensure social distancing, and a maximum of five visitors allowed.
  • Restrooms at Eckhart Park, Rieke Park, Smith Acres, Memorial Park and Thomas Park are open and will be cleaned/disinfected once daily.
  • Public green spaces at City-owned parks and the Parks trail system are open—and social distancing is encouraged.
  • Parks programs will continue to be delivered virtually.

Scam Alert
The City’s Utility Office has been made aware of a scam involving utility customers. An unknown spamming company posing as our utility office is calling customers and telling them they’ve been overcharged for their bills and are due a refund. The fraudulent callers are attempting to solicit bank information as part of the fake refund process. This is a scam and you should not provide any information to them.

Stay the Course
I know I’ve said it before but it’s worth repeating again. I’m thankful for how this community has pulled together during this time. While we still have a ways to go, the path is now set before us. Let’s stay the course so we can continue progressing through the five stages of the Governor’s Back on Track Indiana plan. I trust our citizens and businesses will continue acting with good decision-making, common sense and compassion for others. Thank you for complying with the guidelines, so we can get Auburn back on track.

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