AES Launches New Residential Internet and Managed Wireless


By Chris Schweitzer, Auburn Essential Services

Beginning last year, AES started rolling out new residential internet and managed wireless services. These new offerings are an outgrowth of the network upgrades we’ve been making over the past few years. First, we updated our core network—that’s the equipment that connects our local Auburn infrastructure to the global internet. More recently, we began improvements to our fiber to the premise (FTTX) distribution network. This included upgrades to equipment in our data center and ONTs (optical network terminals) at each home and business.

Over the last decade, we’ve made incremental upgrades to our system and services as technology has evolved. Our most recent investments, however, are foundational changes that allow us to take even greater advantage of the fiber. We’re bringing the future of technology to customers right now. Our continued investment in these upgrades will enable customer access to the best broadband service available for the next decade. Of course, our services will continue to evolve with technology, but what we have in place gives us—and you—the foundation needed to use technology in our homes the way we want to for many years to come.

New Residential Internet Services

Our residential internet offering now consists of three packages*, from an entry level internet only service to more premium internet speeds bundled with an AES Classic managed wireless router.

  • Auburn: Internet only package with speeds up to 25M↓ and ↑
  • Cord: Internet and managed wireless bundle with speeds up to 100M↓ and ↑
  • Duesenberg: Internet and managed wireless bundle with speeds up to 1Gig↓ and ↑

With all of these options, the same AES practice applies—unlimited data (no metering), no gimmicks or introductory pricing, and no contracts—just an everyday fair price.

*If you are already an AES internet subscriber, you can keep your current internet package until you are ready to upgrade to one of our new offerings.

Managed Wireless

The Cord and Duesenberg packages are bundled with the AES Classic managed wireless router. However, you can add our managed wireless service to any of our other internet products for a nominal monthly fee. We also offer a few devices to create a fast, reliable Wi-Fi network that best suits your needs.

  • Classic wireless router: Wi-Fi 6 technology for faster speeds and whole-home coverage
  • SmartHome wireless router: Same as the Classic router, with Amazon Alexa built in
  • Wi-Fi extender: Plug-in Wi-Fi satellite to extend greater Wi-Fi quality anywhere in your home

The best part about managed wireless is that it’s carefree—you no longer have the burden of troubleshooting your router or home network. If you have router issues, you simply call AES. We’ll resolve your issue and, if necessary, replace the router.

Ultimately, all of these new options are a reinvestment in all of you. They are designed to offer customers the complete experience. If you have any questions, or are ready to transition to one of the new offerings, then reach out to us using any of the methods below.

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