Picking up Speed, Gaining Momentum

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By Mike Ley, Auburn Mayor

My first month in office has been full of activity. I tell everyone who asks how awesome it’s been. I’ve been spending time with the various city departments, sharing my vision and listening to their input. I think the departments have appreciated my time—and I have certainly appreciated theirs. We’re starting to organize our work for the year ahead and, quite simply, great things are coming!

In addition to meeting with city departments, I’ve reached out to the County Commissioner’s Office. A strong county-city partnership is integral to our success. We’ve already talked about a couple important projects we’re coming together on:

  • Community Commons Restrooms: We’re partnering together with the county to build public restrooms downtown. We’ll work with the Board of Works, have plans drawn up and begin construction in the second quarter.
  • Community Bridge: A historic county-owned bridge was removed several years ago. We plan to reinstall it, connecting the outdoor theater area to downtown. There’s lots of work to do—and regulatory approvals to obtain—but the city and county are partnering together to complete this project and add to the experience of the downtown area.

Finally, I wanted to share a bit more about the citywide movement I briefly mentioned in my blog on collaboration. This movement is still small but starting to gain more feet—or, rather, more hearts. A group of Auburn leaders, representing government, education, healthcare, businesses and faith-based organizations, are banding together to address systemic community issues like addiction, poverty and homelessness. The movement is in its infancy and the path ahead not yet defined. We believe plans for moving forward will become clearer as the group grows. For now, the citywide movement is interested in being thoughtful in our approach and seeking out others who share the same passion for helping others in our community. If you’re interested in being part of the citywide movement, I encourage you to reach out to Brandy Coburn at BMCoburn@ci.auburn.in.us.

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