Auburn Electric Intervenes in Rate Cases

 In Auburn Electric

By Chris Schweitzer – General Manager, Auburn Electric

Auburn Electric takes our responsibility as stewards of the city’s power infrastructure seriously. We want to ensure the utility provides safe, reliable and cost-effective power to our rate-payers. It is also why we have officially intervened in two electric rate cases—one in Indiana and another in Michigan—that involve Indiana & Michigan Power, or I&M, a division of American Electric Power (AEP).

These cases involve rates charged to retail customers in those states. While the City of Auburn is not a retail customer, the actions taken in these proceedings could impact our own federally regulated contract with I&M Power, which is owned by AEP. Our intervention in these two jurisdictions positions the city to protect our interest and respond or react to any action that could impact what the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) recognizes as fair and reasonable costs.

As part of our involvement, we’ve hired a team of experts that includes regulatory counsel, rate-makers and financial consultants. Working closely with us, this team will review testimony, submit our own testimony and take actions to protect our interests along the way.

We desire to keep our rate-payers informed as we manage the utility and our efforts to protect and improve all aspects of service to customers. We know the importance of the cost of power in our community—from a component of the cost of living, to a significant cost of doing business, to a central role in economic development. We will provide periodic updates when decisions are rendered, or other relevant actions occur.

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