Partnership Extends AES Services to Garrett Neighborhoods


By Chris Schweitzer, General Manager, AES
With Dave Vanderbosch, Garrett Electric Superintendent

Auburn Essential Services (AES) and the City of Garrett are expanding their partnership once again—with a fiber to the home (FTTH) pilot being launched this fall in four residential developments.

AES and the City of Garrett will launch FTTH in the southeast part of town. The pilot—which will enroll residents later this fall—will include the following subdivisions:

  • Maple Knoll, Maple Glenn and Country Side additions
  • Heritage Estates phase 1
  • Heritage Estates phase 2

Growth Leads to More Choices
The pilot is the natural evolution of our partnership with Garrett. The broadband relationship began in 2014 when AES connected our fiber network into Garrett to help the city address its growing municipal communication needs. Garrett then laid fiber throughout its business districts in phases, so we could steadily grow the service area for the community’s benefit. Today, dozens of commercial and industrial businesses have chosen AES as their Internet and business communications provider.

With continual growth and the desire for more choice, Garrett decided that offering AES to residents is a logical next step. Dave Vanderbosch, Superintendent of Garrett Electric, says the city is making the investment in the fiber network because AES has been a good solution for government and business. Now, residents will have a choice of providers, so they can find the one that best meets their needs.

It is our intention at AES to operate Garrett’s network with the same high level of reliability and service as we offer in Auburn. We’ll have multiple fiber paths connecting Garrett’s expanded FTTH network to our service data centers, ensuring subscribers have the best service experience possible.

Shared Values Make It Work
Our partnership with the City of Garrett just makes sense. Our government and community leaders have long collaborated to support the needs of the region. Because AES is an extension of the City of Auburn, this is another opportunity to be a good neighbor.

Dave and I have talked about it a lot and we believe what makes this partnership work well is our shared values. For starters, customer service is a top priority for both AES and Garrett. We want customers to receive high-quality, affordable service that is responsive to their needs. And, when issues arise, we both are committed to solving the problem or providing alternative options as quickly as possible. That common ground has been the foundation of our partnership.

Additionally, from an operational standpoint, both have field crews that are focused on reliability and performance. Our teams collaborate and rely on each other to hit targets and build an infrastructure that is scalable and secure and best serves the Garrett customer base.

We agree that the partnership is strong and mature—and one that will only continue to grow and prosper with the residential projects ahead.

More to Come When Pilot Launches
Garrett is investing in a fiber infrastructure so it can continue to enhance the services it provides to ratepayers. The government and businesses are already reaping the benefits, and we’re excited to see that extended throughout Garrett. We’ll share more information when we’re ready to kick off the pilot and start enrolling residents. If you have any questions about next steps or services, contact AES for more information.

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