Speed Limit Changes Made with Public Safety in Mind

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By Norm Yoder, Mayor

With the new speed limit signs now installed, we’ve received questions about why the speed limits have changed. There are a couple different reasons (which I’ll share below) but they all have the same end goal in mind: public safety.

For the past year and a half, the Common Council has been reviewing traffic ordinances (parking, traffic schedules, one-way streets, thru streets, etc.). With all the new development and revitalization Auburn has experienced in recent years, we’ve added streets, changed intersections and added parking. The Common Council went through the ordinances to ensure the city’s traffic codes were reflective of what we were doing on the streets of Auburn.

Naturally, speed limits were evaluated as part of that process. And, given the growth we’ve experienced in recent years—new neighborhoods and new recreational centers—the Common Council decided it was necessary to make some changes. These changes were approved in May.

Here’s where speed limits changed and why:

  • Indiana Avenue: The speed limit decreased from 45mph to 35mph. There is more vehicle and pedestrian traffic with Rieke Park, the YMCA and a church all located along there.
  • Grandstaff Drive: There has been a higher accident rate along this road in recent years, so the speed limit decreased from 35mph to 30mph in an effort to curb the number of accidents.
  • Auburn Drive: There were a variety of speed limits so for consistency’s sake, the speed limit was set at 35mph to bring a steadier traffic flow.
  • N Main Street: Increased development, plus the presence of a church and a growing school, prompted the decrease in speed limit. From city limits to Betz Road, the speed limit has decreased to 45mph, and from Betz to Van Buren, the new speed limit is 35mph.

As I shared, while there were different factors driving the changes, it all focuses on keeping people safe—those in their cars and those along the road.

One final note: I know there’s been a lot of talk about the four-way stop at Auburn Drive and Wayne Street. As most know, a semi-truck hit the pole there in June. While we looked multiple places for a replacement pole, the earliest one can be delivered is October. And redoing the signaling there isn’t a wise use of city dollars, as we plan to widen that intersection in the next year or so.

I encourage everyone to take an active role in our city. One way to stay informed and get involved is through your elected official. Visit our city website to find out who they are and how to get ahold of them: http://www.ci.auburn.in.us/government/elected-officials/.

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