Using Technology to Promote Local Garage Sales

 In Building, Planning and Development

Guest blog by Ken Dunn, Zoning Administrator, Building Planning and Development

Technology is a great thing, particularly when it allows us to leverage activities throughout our community. And what’s a more popular activity during the spring and summer than garage sales? It’s an American pastime for a lot of folks!

Based on citizen recommendations while updating the City’s Sign Ordinance, our staff created a new map feature for our website that allows us to promote weekly garage sales. This tool—which automatically updates each time a new sale is added—is useful in multiple ways:

  • For Sellers: If you’re having a garage sale, the tool is a great way to promote it, particularly to those who like to visit multiple sales on one day. It’s free promotion on an online, reputable site. Plus, through the application process, you’ll learn the dos and don’ts of posting neighborhood signs correctly and avoid posting in a location that may hamper driver visibility.
  • For Buyers: The tool automatically adds and deletes garage sales so you always have the latest information for upcoming sales. Best of all, it allows you to map your path to deals, using an online tool you can trust.
  • For the City of Auburn: There are two benefits for the City of Auburn. Not only do we get to provide a neat, new public service, we also can ensure sellers are using neighborhood signs properly when promoting their garage sales. By no means are we trying to control placement of neighborhood signs—we are simply trying to ensure they are correctly placed in a way that does not inhibit public safety. There have been instances of signs blocking visibility—an endangerment to drivers and pedestrians alike. Our primary goal is to make sure they are not a hindrance by blocking sight lines or posting on property (community or someone else’s personal) without permission.

Visit our website today and learn how to get your upcoming garage posted!



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