Year of projects: Status update

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When we kicked off 2012, I shared our plan for a “Year of Projects” aimed at helping us maintain the quality of life and economic vitality of our city. These projects – done in addition to the normal city maintenance efforts throughout the year – ensure Auburn remains an attractive place to live, work and visit—something that’s beneficial to residents and businesses alike.

Since we are more than halfway through the year, I wanted to give an update on each of the projects:

  • Building a new water line to the new I-69 rest park. The water line is complete and operational. A chlorination station to ensure the water is safe for human consumption is being built and should be open later this year.
  • Launching the AES TV offering. We are in the midst of beta testing and should be able to offer TV to the public by October. While it’s taken longer than originally anticipated, I assure you it will be well worth the wait. More to come in an upcoming blog.
  • Championing the beginning of downtown revitalization through storefront makeovers. A group of business leaders committed to downtown revitalization continue to meet and look for ways to enhance the Main Street block area. While there is a limited budget right now, some stores have been able to add canopies or make other storefront makeovers to boost the look and feel of the area.
  • Completing the Northwest Sewer Separation Project to comply with the Clean Water Act. We’ve put out a bid twice as we didn’t receive appropriate bids the first round. The Board of Works just approved a bid last week and work should begin by early fall and carry into 2013.
  • Adding a sewer separation on East Seventh Street to reduce overflow into Cedar Creek. This is currently under construction and is scheduled to be complete by year’s end.
  • Building a trail from Rieke Park to the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum to enhance our parks and recreation infrastructure. While no actual construction has begun, we’ve been working with engineering to develop a plan that meets both historical preservation and Parks and Rec requirements. We will bid it out early next year.
  • Widening State Road 8 between Auburn and Garrett for greater transportation ease and safety. This is under construction and will continue into 2013.
  • Adding utility services to Scot Industries, a new Auburn business resident who broke ground late in 2011 on their new $34.7 million production facility. The water service is complete and sewer is scheduled for completion by year’s end. Electrical service will flow into 2013 with an anticipated spring completion.
  • Converting excess softball fields into soccer and football fields to provide more multi-purpose options for the community. Unfortunately, the lack of rain this year has delayed our efforts. We’ll reseed and fertilize again next year and hope for better luck with the weather!
  • Complete the AES Fiber construction within city limits, thus bringing a fiber service option to all city residents. We have fiber laid in 77 percent of the community, with the rest scheduled to be complete by the end of 2012. Read last week’s blog on this topic.
  • Widening and upgrading Betz Road from Indiana Avenue to Main Street and Reconstructing Grandstaff Drive from State Road 8 to North Street. Both will be bid later this year with construction beginning in 2013.

As you can tell, 2013 is gearing up to be as busy as this year. Stay tuned to this blog and to the news section of our website for continued updates about what’s happening around Auburn.

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