The Year of Projects

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I’ve been referring to 2012 as the “year of projects.” A lot of thought and planning has occurred over the last several years to come to this point of implementation.

In the coming year, the City of Auburn will be focused on the following projects:

  • Building a new water line to the new I-69 rest park.
  • Launching the AES TV offering
  • Championing the beginning of downtown revitalization through storefront makeovers
  • Completing the Northwest Sewer Separation Project to comply with the Clean Water Act
  • Adding a sewer separation on East Seventh Street to reduce overflow into Cedar Creek
  • Building a trail from Rieke Park to the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum to enhance our parks and recreation infrastructure
  • Widening State Road 8 between Auburn and Garrett for greater transportation ease and safety
  • Adding utility services to Scot Industries, a new Auburn business resident who broke ground late in 2011 on their new $34.7 million production facility
  • Converting excess softball fields into soccer and football fields to provide more multi-purpose options for the community
  • Complete the AES Fiber construction within city limits, thus bringing a fiber service option to all city residents
  • Widening and upgrading Betz Road from Indiana Avenue to Main Street
  • Reconstructing Grandstaff Drive from State Road 8 to North Street

There will be a lot going on in the City of Auburn this year. And we’re able to do much of these because of grants that were secured in 2011.

We realize that during implementation, there will be a lot of visible construction. I know none of us likes looking or dealing with this, but I ask for your patience and cooperation. We’ll make every effort to complete projects in a fast and friendly manner. And, remember, the real intent of all these projects is improved quality of life… and a community that is both environmentally and economically viable—not to mention full of venues for entertainment and culture!

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