Home of the Classics—Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

 In City Leadership

Our city became known as the “Home of the Classics” many years ago in recognition of Auburn’s early influence of the automobile industry. The Auburn Automobile Company really brought Auburn to prominence. And, through the years, many Auburn companies have emerged because of ties to that company and the work the city did in those years.

The cars built in the early years of Auburn’s automotive history are considered classics today. But to become a classic—something that lives on—a car (or any invention, for that matter) must first be innovative and forward-thinking in its own era. It’s that “outside the box” thinking that ultimately makes an invention… a design… a new way of doing something… become a “classic” years after it’s developed.

Today, the City of Auburn is still commonly—and appropriately, I might add—referred to as the “Home of the Classics.” Auburn spurred many early innovations in the automotive industry. That spirit lives on today as we purposely build a community that is progressive and forward-looking—with innovations that are certain to live on, enhance our sustainability and be well thought of many years from now. You don’t have to look far for examples: the citywide fiber infrastructure, the SmartGrid and AES, to start. And many local companies are developing products that are recognized for their innovations as well. Take Eaton Corporation. The company’s truck clutch is renowned around the world—and I believe it will be considered a “classic” one day for its ability to address an unmet need.

I am proud of Auburn’s past… and even more excited about our future. Check back next week as I outline some of our top priorities for 2012 as we continue to honor our past accomplishments with future “classics.”

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