A Serendipitous Solution

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I shared with you in a previous AES TV blog that we ran into a few snags that delayed the launch of TV services. Specifically, in the last several months, those snags have been with our satellite transport and delivery solutions that help us get the programming content and then package it and send it to the homes of Auburn residents.

Faced with changes on both fronts, we took the opportunity to rethink our approach and take a fresh look at options. At times, it was frustrating because it was clearly a setback. But it’s one we’ve come to view as serendipitous—in the way that you can sometimes only do after the fact.

You see, as we re-evaluated our options, the environment and technology for satellite transport and delivering cable television advanced yet again. In this industry, a lot can change in a short time. With even more mature technological solutions available, we’ve come up with solutions in both transport and delivery that we believe will result in:

  • Higher quality: Better audio and video signal and more high-definition channel choices
  • More positive user experience: Greater flexibility, richer options – including over-the-top content such as Hulu, Netflix and other Internet-enabled services – and improved customer value.

And best of all, this technology is designed to be adaptable to future technological changes—ultimately giving us a more sustainable delivery system in the end. AES’ ability to focus on present needs as well as future ones is a key part of our success—and ability to remain progressive.

Continue to keep reading this blog. We’ll use it to update you on AES TV beta testing and launch in the coming months.

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