Auburn: A prime locale for new and expanding businesses

 In Business Development

I was born and raised here so I think Auburn is a special place to live. We have a quaint little community that is unlike most others. Yet, at the same time, the continued development and activity here ensure that we remain progressive as we seek to attract businesses and maintain an economically viable community.

New and existing businesses around the country are looking to settle in areas that make doing business easy and profitable. And our region is beginning to be sought out more and more. This really comes as no surprise to me. We offer many benefits for businesses, both large and small:

  • Attractive community for employees—one built on traditional values still honored today
  • Low cost of living – well below the national average – that is particularly beneficial in this still recovering economy
  • Strategic location in the Midwest, with easy access to major metros (Did you know we offer the most interstate coverage in the nation?) as well as multiple rail lines and maritime ports
  • Well-established transportation industry to support local, national and global distribution
  • Low cost of doing business—Indiana is “Best in the Midwest” for low taxes
  • Lowest electric rate in the state
  • Low water and sewer costs
  • Development of the SmartGRID and other technologies to help businesses manage consumption of utilities

These last few are especially important to businesses. Whether you are a small business trying to grow or a large one with massive utility bills, this is an area that can be a deal-breaker because of how much it eats into a company’s expenses. For a long time now, we’ve been very cognizant about the importance of running and managing utilities in a way that keeps basic costs at a minimum.

Finally, businesses are also realizing Auburn and our surrounding communities offer a highly skilled and dependable workforce. Going back to those traditional values I mentioned above, I can say with confidence that our workforce is built on the belief that hard work and intelligence matter.

I’ve had people ask me, “Why Auburn?” I think the better question is, “Why anywhere else?”

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