Auburn Essential Services: A Vision that Began Long Ago

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Sometimes finding the vision and courage to embrace change is tough in government. But, with the right conditions, the right resources and the right motivation, change can actually be the start of something amazing. That’s certainly the case with AES.

In 2005, Cooper Standard Automotive came to us to discuss their data communications challenges. Their infrastructure and support system had become inadequate as they served as the global data center for Cooper Standard Automotive’s 20+ facilities worldwide.

If these issues weren’t resolved, they’d eventually be forced to uproot their facility—and the 70+ jobs and families that were part of it. After exhausting all opportunities to find a resolution with the current providers, we worked with Cooper Standard to identify one that not only benefitted them but many others as well. Because we already had an existing fiber network to monitor and deliver electricity throughout Auburn, we were able to lay down some additional fiber optic cable to create a communications network that today offers reliable and exponential bandwidth, speed in data communications and the ability to provide telephone services to residents and businesses within the city of Auburn.

And our AES services continue to grow today. After a great deal of study and planning, television will make its debut later this year…and at the same time, we’re working to complete the construction of the fiber network to the remaining Auburn Electric service territory – all 7,100+ customers. This continued growth is thanks in part to partners like Spectrum Engineering, a local Auburn firm that specializes in helping communities like ours adopt new technologies to optimize delivery infrastructures. Creating the AES network is quite an undertaking—which is why we’ve done it in phases. It helps a great deal to have local expertise steer our vision forward. And, for me, it’s just another example of the true collaborative spirit that exists in our city.

AES was born from one company’s need. But today, it’s a true community benefit. Visit our website to learn more about AES and how you can take advantage of the benefits of your community network.

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