Water Pollution Control

Our Water Pollution Control department manages the city's Class III Municipal Wastewater Treatment Facility, which is integral to protecting the health and well-being of the community and downstream users.

How to Support Our Stormwater Control Efforts

  • Never dump anything down storm drains or in streams.
  • Use the least toxic pesticides, follow label instructions, and learn how to prevent pest problems.
  • Use fertilizers sparingly and sweep up driveways and sidewalks.
  • Disconnect downspouts.
  • Compost yard waste.
  • Use rain barrels to water plants during dry periods.
  • Vegetate bare spots in your yard.
  • Take your car to the car wash or wash it on the grass instead of washing it in the driveway.
  • Pick up after your pet.

Public Notice

May 16, 2022: The City of Auburn MS4 (210 E Ninth Street, Auburn, IN 46706) intends to discharge stormwater into the following watersheds: Smith Ditch-Cedar Creek (041000030604), Peckhart Ditch-John Diehl Ditch (041000030702), Dosch Ditch-Cedar Creek (041000030707), Hursey Ditches-Bear Creek (041000030801), and Headwaters John Diehl Ditch (041000030701) and is submitting a Notice of Intent to notify the Indiana Department of Environmental Management of the MS4's intent to comply with the requirements of the MS4 General Permit to discharge stormwater run-off. Contact the MS4 Coordinator at 260-925-1714 for questions.