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City of Auburn / Government / Appointed Officials / Boards & Commissions

Boards & Commissions

The Mayor appoints officials to a handful of city boards and commissions to provide strategic direction in several areas that are important to Auburn's long-term vitality as a progressive community.

The Appointed Boards and Commissions

Board of Public Works and Safety

The Board of Public Works and Safety is responsible for the public safety and control of the public rights-of-way. This includes digging requests, cable, street and alley closures, street solicitations, and requests for street signs. It is the contracting arm of the executive branch and includes all purchasing for the public works, all street projects, gasoline and vehicles.

Norman E. Yoder, Mayor
Danny D. McAfee
Herb Horrom

Erik Weber, Attorney
Patricia M. Miller, Clerk-Treasurer

Public Meetings
Second and Fourth Thursday of the Month
9 a.m.
Council Chambers
206 East Ninth Street

Parks & Recreation Board

The Park Board oversees the policies and financial workings of the Auburn Parks and Recreation Department. Park Board members are appointed by the Mayor to serve a two-year term. By state statute, no one political party may hold more than half of the seats on the Park Board.

Larry Wagoner, President
Lou Metelko Vice President
Tadd Boman, Member
Janet Canino, Member

Eric Ditmars, Superintendent
Courtney Butler, Administrative Assistant
Erin Ray, Recreation Coordinator

Public Meetings
Fourth Tuesday of the Month
6:00 p.m.
Rieke Park Lodge
1600 N. Indiana Avenue

Board of Zoning Appeals

The Board of Zoning Appeals hears appeals from individuals requesting exceptions or variation for City Ordinances in regard to land use and building requirements, or from individuals questioning the appropriateness of orders made by city officials. Each appeal is heard and decided on its own merit.

Don Myers, Chairman
Peter Kempf, Vice-Chairman,
Dave Schlemmer Secretary
Mary Hohler, Member
Tom Smith, Extra Territorial Jurisdiction (ETJ) Member

W. Erik Weber, City Attorney
Eugene Bosworth, Assistant City Attorney
Amy Schweitzer, Administrator
Amber Bassett, Zoning Administrator

Public Meetings
Fourth Tuesday of the Month
6:00 p.m.
Council Chambers
206 East Ninth Street

Rules and Procedures

Plan Commission

The Plan Commission is responsible for all comprehensive planning to manage the growth and development of Auburn. They oversee the following types of plans:

  • Development Plans
  • Parking Lot Plans
  • Primary Plats
  • Secondary Plats
  • Plat Amendments
  • Replats
  • Plat Vacations
  • Zoning Map Amendments
  • Annexations

Al Wleklinski, President
Don Myers, Vice President and Liaison to County Plan Commission
Thomas Smith, Secretary, PC Appointee to BZA, Extra Territorial Jurisdiction Member
Mark Benbow, Member
Brett Carmer, Member
Jamie Canino, Member
Troy Ackerman, Member
Jim Finchum, City Common Council Member
Lou Metelko, Park Board Member
Christopher Lamm, Extra Territorial Jurisdiction (ETJ) Member
Tim Griffin, Advisor from DeKalb County Plan Commission

W. Erik Weber, City Attorney
Eugene Bosworth, Assistant City Attorney
Amy Schweitzer, Administrator
Amber Bassett, Zoning Administrator
Steve Klein, Director of Engineering

Public Meetings
Second Tuesday of the Month
6:00 p.m.
Council Chambers
206 East Ninth Street

Plan Commission Rules & Procedures PDF

Redevelopment Commission

The Redevelopment Commission is responsible for creating economic opportunities and improving the overall quality of life for people who live and work in our community.

Public Meetings
First Tuesday of the Month 12:00 p.m.
Council Chambers, 206 East Ninth Street

Richard Martin - President
Terry Rayle - Secretary
Sara Ley
Randy Morton
Penny Silberg

Tree Commission

The Tree Commission's function is to oversee the trees in the city, ensuring their health and preventing their structure from becoming public nuisance or hazard. Additionally, the commission advises for the city government on planning for the types of trees and the areas in which the trees need to be planted. The Tree Commission is comprised of the Street Department Superintendent, a Park Board member, and two interested city citizens.

Bill Brandon, President
Erick Nickerson, Member

Public Meetings
As needed
Council Chambers
206 East Ninth Street

Port Authority

The Port Authority is responsible for maintaining and improving local rail transit.

Public Meetings
Scheduled as needed

John Mohre - President
David Worthington
Steve Silberg
Mike Reel
Ed Jones


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