The Auburn Electric Utility provides electricity to our residential and business community via SmartGRID—a real-time communications network that connects the transmission, distribution and customer metering functions to a centralized management system. In addition to helping us maintain high levels of customer service, SmartGRID provides real-time automated meter reading and outage reporting and many useful energy conservation tools. And, together, all of this is giving residents and businesses the lowest electric rate in Indiana.

As a centralized management system connecting the transmission, distribution and customer metering functions of power delivery, the SmartGRID offers many benefits:

  • Real-time automated meter reading
  • Real-time outage reporting
  • Energy conservation tools
  • Efficient and constant operation of power delivery
  • Ability to anticipate and proactively respond to system disturbances
  • Compatibility with various types of generation and storage options
  • Resilient operation protection against threat of attack and natural disaster

White Paper: Security and the Auburn Electric AMI System
Rules and Regulations for Electric Service
Indiana Municipal Electric Association Fact Sheet

Electric Rates


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Mayor's Corner

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April 14, 2015
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