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While a quick response is critical in a fire and other emergencies, we also believe in the importance of preventing such occurrences from ever taking place. Public Fire and Life Safety Education is another key service we provide. Our goal is simple: teach as many people as possible about how to prevent fire from occurring and, in the event of one, how to escape without becoming badly injured. The Auburn Fire Department offers a series of on- and off-site programs for the community.

If you'd like us to do fire prevention education at your business, or help determine the best escape route at your facility in the event of a fire, contact us at fire(at)

Contact the Fire Department at fire(at) to schedule a program for your family, school or community group.

On-site Programs

Hot Spots in the Home

You are invited to join us at the fire department to learn about potential fire dangers in the home and changes you can make to prevent these areas from causing a fire in the home or injury to the family.
Recommended for families/groups with older children.

Station Tours

Station tours offer a glimpse of what it is like to be a firefighter. We take you on a tour of the entire facility, including living quarters, training rooms and offices. And, of course, tours always include the apparatus bays and the fire trucks—a favorite of all ages.
Recommended for all ages.

Survive Alive House

The Survive Alive House behind the station offers hands-on learning about fire safety and what to do if you suspect a fire in your home. Groups are taken through a simulated fire condition and taught how to safely exit the home.
Recommended for school groups.

Off-site Programs

Firefighters are Our Friends

Small children often find firefighters dressed in full firefighting gear to be frightening. This program provides children with the opportunity to meet firefighters in a their everyday uniforms and talk with them about the importance of their full gear and how each piece protects them.

Recommended for children ages 4-6.

Stop Drop and Roll

What do you do if your clothing catches on fire? This program teaches children the different ways their clothes might catch on fire, and how to avoid them. Children also are taught the proper stop-drop-roll technique.

Recommended for children in pre-school.

Calling 911

During our Calling 9-1-1 program, we explain the difference between emergencies and non-emergencies. We also explain how 911 works, from the dispatcher to the firefighters, police officers and paramedics who come to help.

Recommended for children in the first grade.

Matches: Tools or Toys

Children are taught that matches are to be used by adults only. With the help of a video, the children understand the devastating effects of playing with matches.

Recommended for children in the second grade.

Exit Drills

During this program, we emphasize the importance of having a fire drill in the home on a regular basis. Children and adults are taught the importance of a map with escape routes and meeting places.

Recommended for fourth grade children.


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