Year of Projects 2.0

I’ve said before that 2012 was the Year of Projects. Well, 2013 is the Year of Projects 2.0. Some are long-term projects that continue work started last year. Others are new projects that kicked off this year. Whether they are visible to the public or behind-the-scenes, whether they are convenient or not, every single project is designed to improve the quality of life in Auburn.

Here’s some of what we have going on around town this year:

  • Widening and upgrading Betz Road from Indiana Avenue to Main Street (Estimated completion date: year end)
  • Completing a sewer separation in the Northwest Auburn to comply with the Clean Water Act and reduce the number of combined sewers and overflow into Cedar Creek (Estimated completion date: summer)
  • Reconstructing Grandstaff Drive from State Road 8 to North Street (Estimated completion date: late fall)
  • Replacing two water lines on State Road 8 that date back to the early 1900s with a new 12-inch waterline (Estimated completion date: June)
  • Replacing traffic and some street signs to meet the state’s new reflectivity standards on signage (Estimated completion date: year end)
  • Upgrading analog utility meters with digital ones that have automatic reader capabilities to help reduce outages, improve troubleshooting and facilitate more efficient use of power by the city and its residents (Estimated completion date: fall)
  • Continuing downtown revitalization façade grants and clean-up (Estimated completion date: year end)
  • Building a trail from Rieke Park to the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum (Estimated completion date: year end)
  • Converting excess softball fields into soccer and football fields (Grading and seeding done and lights installed; goal posts and scoreboard installed this summer with the goal of opening this fall)

Among the projects we completed in 2012 were:

  • A new water line to the new I-69 rest park
  • Launch of AES TV offering
  • E. 7th Street Sewer Separation Project
  • Widening of State Road 8 between Auburn and Garrett
  • Utility services to Scot Industries’ new $34.7 million production facility
  • Completion of AES Fiber network throughout city limits

Thanks for all your support in making Auburn a great place to live and work. If you have any questions, feel free to call the city at 260.925.1500 and we’ll direct you to the right department or person to answer them.