TV Programming Rates to Rise Slightly in April

By Chris Schweitzer, Auburn Essential Services

Whether you’re a new subscriber or a long-term AES customer, you’ve likely heard us talk about how we work hard at controlling costs. It’s not just lip service—we mean it. And we’ve been rather successful. Our Internet and phone prices have remained the same since 2005, even as we’ve added bandwidth and new features. However, there’s one area where we’re unable to hold down costs: TV programming. It’s simply the nature of the industry. TV programming pricing is increasing nationwide, and will only continue to do so. No TV operator is immune.

Beginning in April, AES TV subscribers will see a slight increase in their bills. Subscribers will experience a $1-$3 increase, depending on their TV package.

While we can’t avoid the increases, we have taken measures to ensure they are as minimal as possible. Over the past year, AES has continued to move the bulk of its programming contracts over to the National Cable Television Cooperative (NCTC) in order to enhance our buying power when we purchase national TV content for our subscriber base. Being part of this consortium has benefited us—and, therefore, our subscribers—in significant ways.

Consider this:

  • 2015 TV programming costs are going up between 5 and 12%, depending on the programmer.
  • This year, thanks to our association with NCTC, AES has been able to avoid the high increases being experienced nationally. We were able to hold our increase to 2–3.8%. This equates to $1 – $3 more each month, depending on your TV package.

For our subscribers, this means they’re still getting quality national programming at a rate increase that is below the national average increase. You can find this new pricing on our website.

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