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Why All the Construction?

Most Auburn citizens understand the value of the construction going on in our city. While it can be an annoyance to have traffic delays or closed streets, everyone I talk to agrees the work will be a real asset to our city for many decades to come. What people may not understand is why there […]

Downtown Auburn Historic District

Automated electric meters: Next step in the evolution of our SmartGRID

Next month, Auburn Electric will begin to upgrade its current electric meters with automated “smart” meters capable of transmitting robust usage data. Because these smart meters are networked to the electric utility, they combine to create Automated Meter Infrastructure (AMI) that allows us to understand power consumption in real-time so that we can distribute power […]

Year of projects: Status update

When we kicked off 2012, I shared our plan for a “Year of Projects” aimed at helping us maintain the quality of life and economic vitality of our city. These projects – done in addition to the normal city maintenance efforts throughout the year – ensure Auburn remains an attractive place to live, work and […]