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A Serendipitous Solution

I shared with you in a previous AES TV blog that we ran into a few snags that delayed the launch of TV services. Specifically, in the last several months, those snags have been with our satellite transport and delivery solutions that help us get the programming content and then package it and send it […]

The Real Profit Generated by TV

I’ve been asked lately about the profitability targets for Auburn Essential Services (AES) with the coming offering of TV. Like a private company, any revenue we make profits our stakeholders. As a public entity, our stakeholders are you—the businesses and residents of Auburn. Our aim is always the same: offer the best services at the […]

Auburn Essential Services: A Vision that Began Long Ago

Sometimes finding the vision and courage to embrace change is tough in government. But, with the right conditions, the right resources and the right motivation, change can actually be the start of something amazing. That’s certainly the case with AES. In 2005, Cooper Standard Automotive came to us to discuss their data communications challenges. Their […]