Scam Alert: Auburn Utilities Calls Threatening Disconnection

Recently, we’ve been made aware of scam activity targeted toward our Auburn Utilities customers. Some customers have received phone calls from a party claiming to be with Auburn Utilities. The party demands payment for an outstanding utility bill—even when accounts are current. Customers are instructed to go to Kroger to buy a pre-paid card and pay over the phone. These scam calls are being made to residential and business customers alike.

Please be advised that it is not the policy of Auburn Utilities to call a customer and demand payment. If an account is outstanding, the next month’s bill will show the overdue balance. If the balance is not paid by the deadline, a disconnect notice will follow a week later.

Unfortunately, scams are all too common today. AES also faced one in the past month, with AES customers being targeted via a pop-up survey on the Internet.

If you have any questions or concerns about your Auburn Utilities bill or account, please contact the Utilities Office 925-0365 or email