On track with Auburn fiber network completion

Over the past 12 months, we’ve shared with you our plans to complete the construction of Auburn’s fiber optic network. While fiber was laid throughout 50 percent of our community and electric territory, it wasn’t enough for us to keep up with the demand—not to mention realize the cost effectiveness of delivering multiple services through the fiber network.

As we rang in 2012, I told you that by year’s end, we intended to complete the AES Fiber construction within city limits, thus bringing a fiber service option to all city residents. I’m pleased to say we are on track with this goal. We’ve now laid fiber throughout 77 percent of the community and are still targeting a year-end completion date. (The remainder of Auburn Electric service territory is targeted for a summer 2013 completion.)


A network like ours – so advanced it’s generally only found in larger cities – allows Auburn to monitor and manage the city’s electrical usage at the sub-stations, as well as provides Internet and phone services and, later this year, Smart Grid functions and TV services.

We owe a big thank you to the community for the work we’ve been able to complete to date. We all know construction means things get torn up, rearranged and detoured and more. Through it all, the community has been accommodating and supported us every step of the way. Our crews out in the field appreciate the helpful attitudes of every resident they encounter.

Check out the project status for a detailed service availability map and to track the construction progress.