New APD Facility Good for Auburn and Region

Many of you know that the Auburn Police Department (APD) is raising funds to build a new multi-use training facility and renovate its existing outdoor firearms training area. I urge you to support this endeavor if you are able to do so.

Every day our police officers put their lives on the line to keep this community safe. They handle situations most of us can’t imagine. Proper training is essential in order to ensure their own safety and that of our citizens.

The current facility is too small to accommodate how law enforcement trains today. Thirty years ago, when the facility was built, law enforcement agencies generally operated in silos and focused solely on their own city or town.

Today, there is often a need for the involvement of multiple agencies, whether they are responding to a crime in progress or an emergency crisis. In fact, today, the APD has partnerships with 15 other local, state and federal law enforcement agencies. This greater level of collaboration has also increased the need for these agencies to plan and train together—and that’s very difficult in the current facility.

The ability to train together only benefits the community. By doing so, these agencies establish protocol for how they must jointly respond to a situation. In an actual incident, this allows them to be more efficient and effective in their response times. The IMAGE Drug Task Force is a great example of the collaboration we experience today. This task force, led by the APD, involves law enforcement from four counties. Working together to eradicate drugs, IMAGE must regularly train together if they are to effectively respond as a team.

The APD also plans to use the new facility to host community classes, such as RAD, CPR, first aid and fire arm safety. While some of these courses are held in the current facility, class size is limited due to the small space.

The APD still needs about $140,000 before they can build the new facility. If you plan on making year-end contributions or are looking for a unique way to honor a friend or family member, consider buying a memorial brick for the new building. Contributions are tax-deductible, and you’ll be making an investment in something that benefits our community in multiple ways.