New AES Pricing for Residential TV in 2014

AES TV customers will notice a slight price increase in monthly TV subscriptions beginning next month. The new 2014 TV programming rates were sent to subscribers via mail or email earlier this week.

At AES, we work hard to control costs. In fact, our Internet and phone prices have remained the same since 2005. However, TV programming rates from national and local providers continue to increase annually. Rates have spiked to the point that, despite our internal cost-containment efforts, we must share some of the increase with our subscribers.

Price increases in TV programming are occurring nationwide. Unfortunately, no TV operator is immune. Most system operators like AES have raised their package prices annually five to eight percent. Generally, national program providers increase their individual channel/program rates annually between five and 10 percent, with local providers doing the same on top of that. We’re in the process of making some changes with the cable consortiums from which we purchase TV content. While we’ll still experience increases in the future—it’s the nature of the industry—we do believe these changes will allow us to hold increases to below the national average with our contract efforts.

As a result of this year’s national and local programming increases, your AES monthly subscription will most likely increase a few dollars in 2014. The average increase will be $3 (or 3.5% to 4%), though the exact amount depends on the channel tier to which you subscribe.

You can find this new pricing on our website. And, as always, if you have any questions or concerns, our team at AES is available to talk with you. Our intent is—and always has been—to be upfront and transparent so you know exactly what you’re paying for and what to expect in terms of service. You can reach us at 260.333.0100 or with questions.