Garrett signs on as AES’s newest customer and partner

By Chris Schweitzer, Auburn Essential Services

Auburn Essential Services was born out of the need to solve a business problem.  Back in 2005, Cooper Standard’s need for a scalable and reliable solution for enterprise grade Internet service set in motion AES. Today, AES offers Internet, phone and TV services to residents and businesses throughout the city. Now, we’re sharing that expertise with another municipality—our friends and neighbors to the west in Garrett.

The City of Garrett recently signed a letter of intent to become AES’s newest business customer. When the new DeKalb County Centralized Communications Center—which serves as the “command center” for all DeKalb County public safety agencies—went live, it was quickly evident that Garrett’s existing Internet option was not scalable enough to effectively connect them to a county-wide emergency-response system. Garrett’s communication needs quickly outpaced the existing Internet service connection so city leadership sought an alternative option that would give them the connectivity they required, as well as the ability to expand as needed in the future. That alternative is a unique partnership with AES.

While fiber is initially more expensive compared to wireless, it is a more strategic solution in the long run because it is scalable, allowing Garrett to utilize the fiber network for more than just the city’s communications. In fact, it will be available to local Garrett businesses as well.

Similar to Auburn’s infrastructure construction, Garrett’s fiber will be laid in phases to help manage costs. Phase I business customers will have a new choice in business communications by the end of the year! In tandem with this conservative approach, AES and Garrett will collaborate conducting feasibility studies and focus groups to assess other opportunities to leverage their fiber investment.

While there is still a great deal of work to do before every business will have a fiber option, one thing is very certain: AES and Garrett are excited about this collaboration and what it means for the region. Look for updates about our progress via this blog and through the City of Garrett’s  channels of communication as well.