Customer Service Survey from the Department of Building, Planning & Development

By William J. Spohn, Administrator

As the city department entrusted to oversee the development of the city, we play a large role in Auburn’s future growth. Primarily we issue, oversee and guide projects to completion by conducting building inspections, administering the local plan review process and serving as staff for both the Plan Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals. As the staff for these two governing bodies, we manage projects from conception to completion, through the city review and approval processes.

Along the way, we have a lot of interaction with the citizens and businesses of Auburn, contractors, engineers, surveyors and many others involved in the process. We would like for those who have used our services to take a short survey letting us know how they felt the experience was for them, what was good, what can be improved upon, and how they were treated. If you have had a recent experience with our office, please click the link below and take our short customer service survey. Thank you for the opportunity to serve this wonderful community and for your feedback.

(This survey is now closed.)