Citizens Academy: In session now

Ever wonder about the inner-workings of local government? Perhaps you want to better understand Auburn’s relationship with DeKalb County and the importance of being the county seat. Maybe you are unaware of the various services and programs offered through the city. Or you just want to know how city decisions are made so you can participate in future economic development and growth initiatives.Whatever your interest in local government, we’ve got an easy and engaging way for you to learn more. It’s school—but without all the homework!

Our Citizens Academy is a free program for Auburn residents interested in city government, how it serves residents, and how a community of informed residents can improve the city. And our instructors are those involved in the day-to-dayoperations of running the city, including the Mayor, Clerk, City Council members and government staff.


Over the course of 8 weeks (Mondays from 6:30-8:30 p.m.), participants learn about:

  • How the local government is structured and managed
  • City’s relationship with DeKalb County and other public agencies (fire, police, water pollution control, street, etc)
  • AES—current services and future vision
  • Services and programs available through city agencies—and how to access them
  • Short- and long-term building, planning and development plans

Auburn is experiencing one of the fastest growth periods in our history. If we are to capitalize on this growth and build a strong foundation for our city’s future, we need to do it collaboratively—local government, business and community leaders, non-profit groups, neighborhoods and individual citizens. And we think this course is a key way to build that collaboration.


Check back in the coming weeks for blog posts from class participants. Experience the Citizens Academy through their eyes.

If you’re interested in signing up for our next session, contact us at 925-5430 or