Choose the AES TV package that suits you

As we’ve been delivering AES TV throughout the city over the past few months, it’s been energizing for us here at AES to see all of our planning and hard work become a reality—right in your living rooms, basements and media rooms! We’re proud to offer this service. And over and over, we’re hearing that customers like having choices in both programming and delivery so they can create a solution that not only fits their budget but their viewing desire.

When you call or meet with an AES TV customer service representative to order your subscription, you have two primary decisions to make.

#1: Your programming decision
Choose between the baseline channel package (Classic 30) or one of the expanded channel packages (Essential 200 or Premier 270). Note: Both expanded packages offer choices for additional programming available through Elite subscriptions: Cinemax, HBO, Showtime, Starz/Encore, Exclusive HD, NFL RedZone or our optional Hispanic channels. Download our latest channel guide.

#2: Your set-top box decision

  • Baseline Channel Programming: AES TV subscribers can watch any of the Classic 30 channels without a set-top box! Just plug in the RF/coax cable. If you have an HDTV with a digital tuner, you can receive and view all of these Standard Definition (SD) and High Definition (HD) channels in full digital clarity. If you have an older style TV, you will have access to all the channels in analog SD.
  • Expanded Channel Programming: Customers subscribing to any of the digital tiers (Essential 200 or Premier 270) will need a set-top box to decrypt the programmers’ content. AES give you a choice of two set-top box options: the basic set-top box and the TiVo® set-top box.

–Basic Set-Top Box: This option supports both SD and HD content and includes an easy-to-use remote control, electronic program guide and HDMI output. It does not permit you to digitally record television shows.
–TiVo® Set-Top Box: This option includes the DVR and/or Multi-room Set-top Box:

  • TiVo® DVR: The AES TiVo DVR will support SD and HD content, has an HDMI output, and includes the award-winning TiVo® electronic program guide. It is an advanced 4 stream DVR that can be paired with the TiVo Multi-Room set-top box to share recorded content to other TVs. This premium device requires an AES Internet connection to link your TiVo Multi-Room DVR and set-top boxes to the TiVo online service. Record up to 75 hours of HD and 650 hours of SD content. Buy the optional 1TB DVR Expander for up to 225 hours of HD and 1950 hours of SD content.
  • TiVo® Multi-room set-top box: AES customers who have the TiVo DVR can implement this TiVo set-top box to watch content recorded on your TiVo DVR, in addition to live TV. A true Multi-Room experience! The award winning TiVo® multi-room experience also offers web-integrated content search, on-demand movie downloads from, YouTube viewing, and offers iPad and smart phone apps to take your TV experience to a whole new level!

You pay a monthly programming subscription fee based on your selection. If you choose an expanded programming package, you’ll also incur a minimal set-top box equipment rental fee.

We purposely designed AES TV to have different options to fit varying budgets and interest levels. If you have any questions about AES TV, call us at (260) 333-0100 or stop by our AES Customer Experience Area on the third floor of City Hall. In this space, you can experience the video, see the channel lineup, receive a quote and test the product yourself or with the assistance of an AES customer service team member.