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AES TV Launch Draws Near

After many long and challenging months of planning the infrastructure, negotiating provider contracts, finalizing the technology, and securing the content, the long-awaited AES TV prepares to begin beta testing and move one step closer to offering this service to the Auburn residents. It’s no secret the AES TV initiative has been a huge undertaking. In […]

A Serendipitous Solution

I shared with you in a previous AES TV blog that we ran into a few snags that delayed the launch of TV services. Specifically, in the last several months, those snags have been with our satellite transport and delivery solutions that help us get the programming content and then package it and send it […]

The Real Profit Generated by TV

I’ve been asked lately about the profitability targets for Auburn Essential Services (AES) with the coming offering of TV. Like a private company, any revenue we make profits our stakeholders. As a public entity, our stakeholders are you—the businesses and residents of Auburn. Our aim is always the same: offer the best services at the […]


Whether renting or owning, you’ve likely experienced a spike in your monthly utility bills at one point as a result of an unseasonably hot summer or frigid winter. Typically, you don’t realize the ramifications of that spike until you receive the bill. In the future, you’ll be able to monitor your usage – in near […]