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City Hall: A Reminder of Auburn’s Legacy

Auburn’s City Hall is 100 years old this year. It was constructed during the building boom era of 1911-1915. During that time Auburn City Hall and DeKalb County Courthouse were built; philanthropist Charles Eckhart donated funds to construct Eckhart Public Library, the YMCA and, of course, Eckhart Park. In this age of disposable everything, it’s […]

Beware of Krokodil

By Chief Martin McCoy, Auburn Police Department There have been recent news reports about a deadly drug called krokodil (pronounced crocodile). Known for the black or green scaly skin it causes, krokodil is not only dangerous, it’s highly addictive. This drug has been around for at least a decade, originating in Russia and spreading to […]

AES Expands HD Channel Options

By Chris Schweitzer, Auburn Essential Services We’re excited to share that we’re adding new subscribers daily to our AES TV service. And as our subscriber base expands, so does our channel offering! AES recently added six more HD channels, including: Essential 200 & Premier 270 Packages: WEHD (Women’s Entertainment HD) – Channel 1219 FXMHD (Fox […]