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Auburn Essential Services: A Vision that Began Long Ago

Sometimes finding the vision and courage to embrace change is tough in government. But, with the right conditions, the right resources and the right motivation, change can actually be the start of something amazing. That’s certainly the case with AES. In 2005, Cooper Standard Automotive came to us to discuss their data communications challenges. Their […]

Downtown Auburn Historic District

Conversations for Community Progress

The seed of community progress generally starts quite simply: in a conversation. A conversation between interested parties. Sometimes they agree. Sometimes they don’t. But the conversation starts the exchanging of ideas and opinions. It often births new ideas all together. And done well, conversations lead to collaboration and joint community efforts. These conversations are very […]

City of Auburn

Citizens Academy: In session now

Ever wonder about the inner-workings of local government? Perhaps you want to better understand Auburn’s relationship with DeKalb County and the importance of being the county seat. Maybe you are unaware of the various services and programs offered through the city. Or you just want to know how city decisions are made so you can […]