AES introduces new local TV channel

By Chris Schweitzer, Auburn Essential Services
At AES, we take pride in being Your Community Network. We value this community and all that makes it special. That’s why we’ve decided to launch Your Community Network TV (YCN), available to AES subscribers in standard and high definition (channel 22 and 1022). This new local channel will showcase the moments and memories that make Auburn great—both in the past as well as the present.

The planning for YCN actually began a few years ago. AES approached Bernie Prebynski about sharing his DeKalb TV content via our new television service. Bernie—a champion for local sports and activities for more than 15 years—was excited about the partnership. Sadly, he passed away unexpectedly in November 2012 before we could move forward with the initiative.

Bernie’s contributions to the community continue to live on as his sons have picked up the torch and are partnering with AES to carry on his legacy. We’ll do this in two important ways:

  • Conversion to Digital: AES has agreed to convert Bernie’s old files—dating back to 1998—to a digital format and begin airing them on YCN. Converting all the content will take time, but AES will begin airing it in tandem with the conversion process. Coverage will include old high school sporting events and marching band highlights, as well as interviews with players, coaches and others at DeKalb High School. “We think this is a great way to pay homage to what our dad was all about,” says Joe Prebynski. “He loved making a positive difference in the community and he did in many ways, particularly through the different kids he highlighted on DeKalb TV. Now, more people will have access to those special memories so they can share them with their families and friends.”
  • Training of Next Generation: There’s been a gap in local high school coverage without Bernie’s tireless efforts. To help fill that gap, AES partnered with DeKalb High School to form a YCN crew. AES has invested in equipment and hired a few DeKalb High School students as part-time videographers, editors and interviewers to begin generating new content. They’ve made great progress and have filmed and edited several new segments already.
  • In addition to sporting and school events, AES plans to highlight community events on YCN, including the Auburn Parks & Recreation Department’s Christmas Walk, the annual Lighting of the Snowman as well as local fairs and festivals held throughout the year.

“The ability to watch local events on TV is a great service to our county and we are glad AES and DeKalb High School will continue our dad’s work,” says Ethan Prebynski.

Bernie started DeKalb TV as a hobby. Before long, it became a passion that was enjoyed by hundreds in the community.

“We hope to honor our dad by continuing his legacy of paying it forward so that we can leave a lasting impact as much as he did,” says Brandon Prebynski.