AES Expands HD Channel Options

By Chris Schweitzer, Auburn Essential Services

We’re excited to share that we’re adding new subscribers daily to our AES TV service. And as our subscriber base expands, so does our channel offering! AES recently added six more HD channels, including:

Essential 200 & Premier 270 Packages:

  • WEHD (Women’s Entertainment HD) – Channel 1219
  • FXMHD (Fox Movie Channel HD) – Channel 1233

Premier 270 Package:

  • BLOOMHD (Bloomberg HD) – Channel 1132
  • IFCHD (Independent Film Channel HD) – Channel 1234
  • INDIEHD (IndiePlex HD) – Channel 1236
  • RETROHD (RetroPlex HD) – Channel 1238

More HD channels will be added later this year. In addition to offering the most HD channels, we strive to provide the best quality picture possible. In fact, because we don’t have any bandwidth restrictions, we can pass on the same quality picture that the programmer provides. Plus, with our recent investments in both equipment and engineering, we’ll be able to continue adding to our subscription options.

Program Channel Modifications

A handful of our TV programmers have made changes to channel content, branding or placement. You may have noticed the following changes:

  • AXSTV (HD) Channel 1241
is now included in both the Essential 200 and Premier 270 subscription tiers.
  • SPEED/SPEED HD Channels 103/1103
have been rebranded by the programmer to FS1 and FS1HD (Fox Sports 1).
  • FSC/FSCHD (Fox Soccer) Channels 82/1082 have been rebranded by the programmer to FXX and FXXHD. They can now be found on Channels 211/1211.

If you have an AES set-top box, you may wish to update your channel list. You can find detailed instructions on how to make these changes at our website. Simply select the FAQ tab, and look for the link to your set-top box type (either the Basic STB or TiVo STB).

As changes are made, we update the AES channel guide. You can download it from the site, or stop in to pick up a printed copy for your home. And give us a call if you have any questions—we’re here to serve you!