AES Considering Expansion to Bear Creek South

By Chris Schweitzer, Auburn Essential Services

AES is considering expanding our network once again—this time to homes in the Bear Creek South subdivision. Construction of fiber throughout Bear Creek North was completed recently, with a large number of residents choosing AES for their phone, Internet and TV. During build-out, we received inquiries from many of their neighbors to the south who were interested in AES services as well.

While AES is very interested in serving the south side of the Bear Creek subdivision, extending the AES network to Bear Creek South will be different than any other extension we have completed to date. AES will need to make a significant financial investment in order to extend fiber to this area because most of the subdivision is located outside the Auburn Electric service area.

A Solid Investment

Based on this initial level of interest and communication, we immediately began investigating the costs to bring AES to the remainder of Bear Creek Estates. Our construction team has completed the fiber design and solicited bids for local contractor involvement in the underground construction.

Given the observed need for a local, reliable service provider option, we’re willing to make the investment to further expand our fiber network. We believe with enough interest, there is a long-term return on the community investment—both for us as well as for potential subscribers in that growing subdivision.

Because of the large upfront investment outside of our native Auburn Electric territory, subscribers in this subdivision would pay a small, temporary Fiber Loop Charge, so the costs of laying the fiber could be spread out over time.  This fee is projected to last 10 years or less, allowing AES to recoup some of the capital investment.

AES Needs to Hear from You

Between now and July 22, we’d like to hear from Bear Creek South residents interested in subscribing to AES services. Please call us at (260) 333.0100 to discuss the services you may be interested in. This will help you understand actual subscription costs and allow us to gauge the true level of interest in AES and our phone, Internet and TV services.

AES—Your Community Network

At AES, we are very intentional about everything we do. As a non-profit utility—we operate as an extension of the City of Auburn—we strive to be good stewards of our finances and operations so everything we do is in the best interest of our subscribers. We never want anything to compromise our customer service, quality products or competitive rates. We believe this customer-centric focus has allowed us to continue to grow over the past 10 years. We hope that will include Bear Creek South in the future as well. We would like the opportunity to serve you and be “Your Community Network.”