A Record Year for BPD and Growth in Auburn

By Amy Schweitzer, Director, Building, Planning & Development

By all accounts, 2016 was a record year for growth in Auburn. The Department of Building, Planning and Development (BPD), which serves as the clearinghouse for any type of development in the city, issued 1,329 permits—the highest on record. The City of Auburn’s Building Inspector conducted an estimated 1,100 residential building inspections and 120 non-residential inspections, with the value of all improvements for 2016 reported at more than $25 million.

Below are some 2016 highlights from BPD, which were presented earlier this week at the Common Council meeting.

Types of Permits

In addition to new structure permits, BPD issues permits and collects fees for several different City Departments.


Growth Trends

Residential construction accounted for nearly all of Auburn’s growth in 2016. Residential permits experienced a 35% increase over 2015 (and 146% increase since 2012!).


Residential Growth

Permits were issued for 102 new dwelling units in 2016, including 84 single-family dwellings and 18 dwelling units in three multifamily buildings. Additionally, not only were more homes built in Auburn in 2016, but also the average reported value of new homes was 22% greater than in 2015.

averagereportedvalueof newsinglefamilydwelling

All of the new single-family dwelling units permitted in 2016 were located on the east side of Auburn.


 2017: The Year Ahead

Finally, as a reminder, it is never too early to see if a project you are considering in 2017 meets the local zoning and building codes. Please do not hesitate to contact BPD at 260-925-6449 or bpd@ci.auburn.in.us.