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City Hall: A Reminder of Auburn’s Legacy

Auburn’s City Hall is 100 years old this year. It was constructed during the building boom era of 1911-1915. During that time Auburn City Hall and DeKalb County Courthouse were built; philanthropist Charles Eckhart donated funds to construct Eckhart Public Library, the YMCA and, of course, Eckhart Park. In this age of disposable everything, it’s […]

Year of Projects 2.0 Looking Back to See Forward

Year of Projects 2.0

I’ve said before that 2012 was the Year of Projects. Well, 2013 is the Year of Projects 2.0. Some are long-term projects that continue work started last year. Others are new projects that kicked off this year. Whether they are visible to the public or behind-the-scenes, whether they are convenient or not, every single project […]

On the Right Path

It’s hard to believe almost 12 years have passed since I first took office. But there’s a lot of truth to the saying about how time flies by when you’re busy—and we’ve definitely been busy bring about lots of exciting changes. These changes have not only improved the quality of life for our residents, but […]

Auburn City Hall

How Does Local Government Work?

This is a common question we receive—and a good one at that. If you’ve never been really exposed to city government… or think it operates in the same way as the federal government, you may be surprised by how things are done on the local level. Let me first start by sharing why local governments […]