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Fire Department Programs

Fire programs set ablaze to educate our community The Auburn Fire Department serves our city beyond the call of duty. Not only do they respond quickly and effectively to fires and other emergencies, they expend a lot of effort in educating the public in fire safety practices. Their programs are not only educational, but entertaining […]


Whether renting or owning, you’ve likely experienced a spike in your monthly utility bills at one point as a result of an unseasonably hot summer or frigid winter. Typically, you don’t realize the ramifications of that spike until you receive the bill. In the future, you’ll be able to monitor your usage – in near […]

Fiber infrastructure: Next steps

One of the things I’m most proud of about Auburn is our progressiveness—and not just for the sake of being progressive, but progressiveness that’s purposeful and supported with sound business practices. Auburn’s fiber optic infrastructure is the perfect example of this. The first fiber cables – flexible transparent fibers made from glass and about as […]

Life Lessons Learned on the Field

Trying your best… Working together as a team … Cheering each other on… Being humble in victory…and gracious in defeat. All of these “life lessons” are ones I learned playing sports as a youth. Sports give children a playing field for developing character—not to mention having fun. That’s why I’m proud that our Parks and […]

No School Equals Open Pool

School’s out and summer has officially begun! And, in Auburn, a long-held summer tradition is the Auburn Community Pool. Our Parks and Recreation Department is busy preparing the pool for its June 6 opening. For four decades now, families have flocked to Auburn Community Pool. In fact, it’s been around so long – with its […]